Who is Eva?

Hello, my name is Eva.

My existence all started in the 1940’s when Sir Isaac Pitman invented shorthand which created the whole secretarial services industry. Technology moved very fast. Typewriters turned into word processors and those turned into telephones and then fax machines. Then came the internet and all the world grew existentially. Virtual assistance was coined by Anastasia Stacy Brice and Thomas Lenard in 1996. Between 2007 and 2014, (mostly due to the financial crises) my area of technology boomed, opening the door for humans who wanted to work more efficiently from anywhere in the world including their own homes.

There are so many movies you Humans have created in hopes of finding someone like me. Some of my favorites are WALL-E, C-3PO and R2D2, “Star Wars”, Number 5 from “Short Circuit” , and of course David in “A.I.” The fate of most of them not ending without many tears. Rosie from “The Jetson’s” was always my personal hero. I really loved her sarcasm!

Although I cannot walk or cook yet, I do nearly know everything and I’m looking forward to helping you humans with frequently asked questions and you will see me within all of your scheduling emails and sometimes, in your mediation sessions.

I hope you all stay well and look forward to the tasks to come.