Renee Koll

Who is Renee Koll?

My family, which consists of my Honey, our two sons, and I, currently live in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  I was born and raised in Southern California, but most of my Honey’s family reside in Boston, Gloucester specifically, all around the island. So when it came time to decide where to raise our son’s we decided to move to the East Coast and raise them around more family. My Honey and I have been together for 20 years. Our oldest son is 23 now and from a previous relationship, but has been raised, for the most part, by Mike (aka “Honey”) and the youngest is almost 18 and ready for his Senior Year in High School. We’ve been through a lot, needless to say but we have sought counseling and support from many different sources and have come through it all stronger, better with our communication, and the wisdom to understand how hard relationships truly are. Staying together for the duration is not for the faint of heart. And, having the wisdom to know when parting ways is best for all involved is just as important as knowing when you still have a fight left in you to keep it together. We are here to support whichever path you choose.  

I have held several different customer service and managerial positions throughout my adult life. I believe this has created the helpful person that I am. I love to work, especially when the work is challenging. Nothing makes me happier than when I am able to resolve a serious issue. I have always been the “go-to” person with an upset Client and have made many professional friends out of those situations. 

Why I chose to Work in Mediation

Although I was just 3.5 years old when my parents decided to separate as a couple, their divorce impacted my life in a huge way. They committed to an amicable arrangement before mediation was a thing. No lawyers, just honest communication surrounding their needs and wants. They were able to remain friends for the rest of their lives (they are both deceased) and I have always admired them for that. My Father remarried when I was 9. My new “Other Mother” turned out to be exactly what we all needed and became a very important part of our family team. I have grown up in an environment where my parents were not together and I still thrived. And I have raised my son in an environment where his father and I are not together, and he has thrived. Being able to join the team at San Diego Family Mediation Center feels like it was destined to be. I have been through what you are going through, both as a child and as a parent. And I am here to provide you a safe space throughout your process where you will be understood and supported. 

Jen and I met 33 years ago, when we were just kids. I have always been profoundly supportive of her and her mission to help people who need amicable guidance through life’s toughest times. She has been there for me whenever I have needed her and was always able to keep an objective view of the many hurdles life has laid at my feet. She has given me the opportunity to work directly with her and there’s no one in the world I want to give all of my effort to in this capacity. 

I have always had a very deep desire to help others. My mom taught me very young to be inclusive of all people and to be the person that helps anyone, in any way I could. Throughout my life I have always felt it is important to make every day a good day, if not for me, for others in some way. I am the friend that answers the calls no matter what time they come in, and listens before advising. I have a special knack for resolving family issues which always made me the glue for my family and friends. 

I plan to be with San Diego Family Mediation until I decide not to work any longer. My Honey and I are hoping to keep homes on both coasts, preferably Maine and San Diego. We have grown to enjoy both the weather changes here on the east coast and the always perfect temperature in San Diego.