3 Biggest Mistakes Newlyweds Make

Did you know that June and July are the most popular months to get married? There is something inherently romantic about the summer air and clear skies that lead many couples to get married right about now. Unfortunately, a large number of those people walking down the aisle will probably make at least one of the three most common newlywed mistakes. If you are getting married, take heed and learn to avoid these problems before they occur.

1. Keeping Financial Secrets

Many couples feel uncomfortable being open and honest about their finances with each other. You would be surprised about how many newlyweds didn’t have a clue about their significant other’s credit problems. A good way to bring this to light is through a prenuptial agreement. You can discuss your current financial situation and even talk about how things assets and debts will be handled throughout your marriage. When you walk into your marriage with a financial plan, you can avoid one of the top causes of divorce, which tend to be disputes over money and spending.

2. Not Treating Your Spouse as a Friend

Many newlyweds fall into the trap of starting to drift from friendship to married couple. The two should be inherently intertwined. A marriage with a solid foundation of friendship is one that is built to last. With that in mind, don’t say anything to your husband or wife that you wouldn’t say to your friend. Be nice to each other and always respectful, even when you may not see eye-to-eye.

3. Expecting a Forever Honeymoon

The first few months of marital bliss is an incredible feeling. The deep love you and your spouse have for each other can be almost intoxicating. While it is important that you embrace this amazing time, it is crucial that you realize that this time is fleeting. There will be times in your marriage when things are not easy. There may be career challenges, health concerns, financial problems, or other difficult circumstances. When there are tough times it is important that you embrace each other and tackle the problem as a team. So enjoy the good times but also understand that if things get hard, it isn’t necessarily a problem in your marriage but it may just be an opportunity to bring you closer together.

Premarital Mediation

Contact West Coast Family Mediation Center. We provide compassionate guidance and expertise to help you navigate the sensitive process of creating a prenuptial agreement, so you can feel secure and confident as you prepare for your future together.

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