Statistically Speaking…

Do you have any idea how many divorces are filed every month JUST in San Diego County?

Take a guess…18,000…that is JUST divorces and JUST in San Diego, imagine in all of California, or the United States!

Out of those 18,000 divorces filed, what percentage of people do you think attempt to complete their divorce on thier own without any legal advice or help? 80%

ONLY 20% of people hire attorneys…out of the 80% who attack it on thier own, many of them are representing themselves in the court paperwork, but resolving issues via mediation or via a legal consultant.  You dont need to hire an attorney to get a divorce…it is too costly, too time comsuming, and too emotionally draining.  However, it is always a good idea to have someone their to help you, whether it is a mediator or a legal consultant.

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