3 Things to Ask For In Divorce Mediation

Some wonder which things to ask for in divorce mediation. There are some important things to request that tend to get forgotten. 

Entering into any divorce typically puts couples in a defensive state of mind. Understandable since our society has depicted divorce as an adversarial process. However, divorce can be a collaborative event in which each party contributes their feelings, thoughts, and hopes for the future of their relationship. When couples have an initial consultation, many of them have questions regarding the process. Some wonder which things to ask for in divorce mediation. There are some important things to request that tend to get forgotten.

Financial Clarity

Moving forward in your life is difficult when you cut financial ties to another person. What you need from divorce mediation is a financial plan for the future. You want to know how you will be able to pay your bills, support your kids, and rebuild a new future that is no doubt different from the one you envisioned. The great part about our firm is that our mediators are Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (TM). They have the education, training, and background to help you put together a monthly plan to ensure when you walk out of the mediation room, you have a clear idea of what you need to do.

Ability to Change

Litigation is frustrating because you need to go back to the drawing board whenever there needs to be a modification. Hearings can take weeks, or even months, to schedule. Mediation is flexible, making change one of the things to ask for in divorce mediation. Circumstances in life change, especially when you have kids. You will want the ability to change your parenting schedule or modify support with a change in your employment. When it comes to mediation, you can make those changes quickly, just call your mediator and make an appointment.


Maybe this isn’t something you request in the mediation room, but it is something to take with you internally. Divorce causes a lot of anger, whether at your spouse or yourself. In divorce mediation, allow yourself room to step outside the negative feelings and forgive them (or you) for what happened or didn’t happen in your marriage. With forgiveness, you will be much more able to move forward and learn from the experience. This may take time, but you will benefit enormously if you can do this for even the session itself.

Divorce Mediation

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