Back to School Tips for Co-Parents

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If you are like me, you can’t believe that the summer is coming to a close and schools are back in session. The change in schedule can send some co-parents for a loop. Kids that were once happy from long, school-free days are dreading the return to the classroom. Add in the divorce stress, and you have a rough combination that can make co-parenting a nightmare. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to make the transition a bit easier.

Plan Ahead

Make sure that you have a solid schedule set for when school is back in session. Perhaps your child’s school schedule has changed from the year before, and you need a modification. If you can’t communicate effectively one-on-one, schedule a maintenance appointment with your mediator. They can help you in navigating through a new schedule and avoid conflict.

Communicate Effectively & Respectfully

Every family knows, it takes a few weeks for everyone to get used to the new schedule. Kids have a hard time waking up and getting out the door on time, pick-ups can be a bit disorganized, and there may be some confusion on when kids have what activities. We are all human and make mistakes. Make sure to communicate with the other parent clearly in a place they can check and confirm what you said. Text or e-mail a schedule of your child’s activities. Share a Google calendar that is accessible between you two. Always communicate with respect for the other person.

Talk to the New Teachers

If the divorce is a new event in your family, talk to your child’s teacher/s. That way they can be on alert if your child is having a difficult time completing assignments. They will also want to know if they need to send dual notifications for school events, like parent-teacher nights.

Back-to-School Schedule

Contact West Coast Family Mediation Center for help getting your new back-to-school schedule in order.

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