California Divorce Mediation: Where to Begin

California Divorce Mediation

A Look into California Divorce Mediation

You may find yourself at the beginning stages of speaking to your spouse about divorce. You might be someone who has kids and needs some help working through a parenting plan. There are several reasons why you might choose to reach out to proceed with California divorce mediation, and that’s where we come in. No matter what form of mediation you need, we offer a few different ways to get you into the right hands. My goal is to get you to the right mediator for your case, and someone you can feel confident will help you move progressively into the next chapter of your story. 

Have You Spoken to the Other Party About Mediation Yet?

We offer a couple of different options to help you get information on our process. Say you are just at the beginning and you, and your spouse have decided to divorce, but haven’t spoken more from there. That’s okay; the first option we have will fit perfectly into this example. We offer a single 15-minute free informational call with a mediator to help you understand a little bit more about our process and answer questions you might have. The goal after this call is that you will have more information to make those conversations with your spouse a little easier, since you know more than you did before, and we will provide an info packet for you to review. The next step is also the place that some people start, and that is that both of you have made the decision to mediate together, and you are both ready to take the next step. We offer a 30-minute free joint consultation over zoom to help you both find confidence in your California divorce mediation experience, and to get an expanded view of our process and costs before making your final decision on services.  

Why Is This a Joint Consultation?

The reason we offer the joint consultation only to those who are both ready is that we want everyone involved to feel that they are starting this process on even footing, and by keeping everyone in the loop at once, it builds trust and confidence to move forward. Also, possibly even a larger reason is that this impacts both or all of you, so of course we want all parties to be involved, and not left feeling like they are getting things secondhand. Feeling included in the process and information is a piece of the pie. 

How Do I Schedule an Informational Call or a Joint Consultation?

There are a few ways you can reach out to us. First, would be filling out a contact form on our website and we will reach out to you from there. My personal favorite is over the phone, this option isn’t for everyone, but I find it can be helpful to speak to people directly. This allows me to help answer any preliminary questions you might have, but also, I’m here to help you through, even if that means just having a quick chat and getting you set up with a mediator. If you were referred to us, please let us know if you feel comfortable sharing, we always like to know.

Once we have had our initial point of contact, I will follow up with an email to you or both of you with a scheduling link which will allow you to review the mediator’s availability and select a time that works best to meet. Remember, however, you choose to reach out West Coast Family Mediation Center is here to help, or get you into the hands that can.

by: Anthony Sneed

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