3 Common Issues Addressed In Marital Mediation

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young african american man smiles as he listens attentively to his white girlfriend, marital mediation

Marital mediation, also known as couples’ mediation, is a specialized form of mediation aimed at helping couples address and resolve conflicts within their marriage in a way that strengthens their relationship and avoids the need for separation or divorce.

The mediation process focuses on communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills to help couples overcome common issues. Here are three common issues addressed in marital mediation:

1. Communication Problems

One of the most common issues that marital mediation addresses isthe lack of effective communication between partners.

Many couples struggle with expressing their needs, feelings, and concerns in a way that is healthy and constructive. Mediation helps by providing a safe and neutral environment where each partner can be heard without interruption or judgment. The mediator assists in facilitating open and honest dialogue, helping couples develop better listening and communication skills.

2. Financial Disagreements

Financial issues are a leading cause of stress and conflict in marriages. Couples may disagree on how to manage their finances, including spending habits, savings, debt, and financial planning for the future.

In marital mediation, the mediator helps couples to openly discuss their financial concerns and work together to create a mutually acceptable financial plan. This may involve setting budgets, establishing financial goals, and making compromises to ensure both partners’ needs and concerns are addressed.

3. Parenting Differences

Differences in parenting styles and disagreements on child-rearing can also be a significant source of conflict in marriages.

Marital mediation addresses these issues by helping couples to find common ground in their parenting approaches. The mediator facilitates discussions on various parenting topics, including discipline, education, and values, helping couples to develop a unified parenting plan that respects both partners’ perspectives and is in the best interest of their children.

Marital Mediation in California

Marital mediation is not limited to these issues alone, but can also address other areas of conflict within a marriage, such as intimacy issues, trust and infidelity, and differences in personal values or life goals. The goal of marital mediation is to help couples find solutions that work for both partners, improving their relationship and enabling them to move forward together more harmoniously.

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by: Jennifer Segura, J.D., CDFA®

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