How to Approach Summer Travel with Your Co-Parent

Being divorced with children isn’t easy. Many things should be easy but quickly get complicated when you are navigating it with a co-parent. Summer travel is one of those high-conflict topics that can send even the most friendly co-parenting relationships for a loop. San Diego Family Mediation understands exactly how to approach the topic and can assist couples in putting together a mutually agreeable summer travel plan.

Summer Travel Resources

Letter of Consent to Travel for Minor

Travel Itinerary Planner

What If My Co-Parent Refuses to Provide Consent?

If your co-parent refuses to provide consent for you and your children to travel, you have a few options. Check your co-parenting agreement and review what you both agreed to. Are you requesting something different than what you previously agreed to? What are the limitations that you have written out in your agreement? If you are within the bounds of your co-parenting agreement, review these with the other parent. If you need to diverge from an agreement, then you need to request a change. Either way, returning to mediation to discuss your summer vacation plans is an effective way to quell any travel conflict.

If you and the other parent disagree and your co-parenting agreement does not allow you to take your child out of state without written consent, DO NOT continue with your travel plans.

Need help addressing travel conflict? Contact San Diego Family Mediation Center to schedule a free consultation. We are happy to help you and the other parent get on the same page.

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