How to Re-Discover Yourself After Divorce

With any big life transition, it can feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore. Most people link their roles to their self-identity, like a mother or father, professional, husband or wife. When divorce happens, it can feel as though a piece of you is being ripped away. It can be a challenge to try and redefine yourself while also honoring the person you were. So how do you even begin? Here are a few ways to begin your new journey in the overwhelming but rewarding process of finding who you are post-divorce.

Be Ok With Silence

In today’s world, it is so easy to distract yourself. You can turn on the TV, browse on your smart device, read a book, but when you are taking on the complicated process of redefining your life, you need to make friends with those uncomfortable silent moments. That is when you can truly hear your inner voice, process your day, and plan your future. How can you know who you are if you can’t even sit with yourself sans distractions?

Start a Journal

It sounds cliche, but starting to write down your thoughts and document the day is a fantastic way to gain insight. Plus, in the future, you can look back at your writing and see how far you have come. At the end of the day, spend 5-10 minutes with a pen and paper and get writing.

Stay Away From Toxicity

You will want to build your new self from a place of health. Stay away from physical and emotional toxic sources. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and incorporating relaxing outdoor activity. Steer clear of people who are energy vampires. Sure, everyone has moments when they need support, but there are individuals who seem to suck all the positivity consistently out of a room. Instead, try to connect with self-confident and people who are centered. They can help ground you during a time of turmoil.

Follow Your Heart

What is calling your name? What hobbies did you always put off due to time? What career changes have you always wanted to make? These are great starting points to help lead you to a new you. If you aren’t sure where your passions are, that is ok. Try a few things that seem interesting and out of your comfort zone, they can reveal to you parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed!

Divorce is insanely difficult on your own identity. Mediation can help structure the process in a way that initiates growth in both parties. Call (858) 736-2411 to schedule a FREE virtual consultation.

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