Mediation Behind Closed Doors – Part 1: The Mystery of Mediation

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We often have clients come in, and at the end of their first meeting, they tell us how relieved they feel. Most of the time, people are very anxious when they start this process. Rightfully so! Especially because many of those who have come before them went through litigation and had told them the horror stories about their divorce. And litigated divorces are horror stories… there is no doubt about that. However, mediation is a different animal altogether. I will not try to convince you it will not be hard, or sad, or that you will not still have moments of anxiety… but what I can tell you from the feedback I have received from previous clients is that we do make it easier, lighter, and I have even been told our process can be enjoyable!

We are not here to hide the ball and make it seem as though this vortex of dissolution is something mere mortals cannot understand (if you have tried going through attorneys, you know what I mean). It is as though the court system wants to make sure you feel your money was well spent so they make everything as difficult as possible so you believe you could have NEVER done this on your own! But does it have to be that hard? That mysterious? At San Diego Family Mediation Center we don’t think so! We have worked hard to ensure our process is as comfortable for you and your family as possible. We think about working together holistically and never forget that we are working with a FAMILY… a group of people who love each other…but for whatever reason needs to re-organize and restructure.

Our goal is for you to leave your first meeting with us feeling relieved and safe. We want you to be confident in your choice of having us help you through this process, and we strive to keep that confidence during and after the process. Once a client, always a client. We are here to answer questions as life’s journey makes it necessary to change your initial parenting plans or support orders. Once you work with us, you are part of our family, and we will always be here to support you. How often do you hear a friend or family member go back to their family law attorney for anything? Doesn’t typically happen… we encourage our clients to keep in touch and always ask questions. Hopefully, this helps take some of the mystery out of mediation and encourages you to try this process first.

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by: Jennifer Segura

Jennifer Segura with west coast family mediation center
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