How Not to Hate Your Spouse After Having Kids

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I am an avid audiobook listener… with two little kiddos at home, there is no time for relaxing and reading a book. Therefore, I have turned to audiobooks I can listen to while I am driving.

I was looking to pick my next book, as I reviewed all of my choices I came across one that called out to me… How Not to Hate your Husband After Having Kids.  Now before any husband’s get upset, it really SHOULD BE titled, “How not to Hate your Spouse after Having Kids.” Because of the author, Jancee Dunn, a former writer for Rolling Stones Magazine, truly shows how frustrating men and women are to each other as they transition from Husband and Wife to Mom and Dad. She does not spare herself and freely shares her shortfalls, as well as her hubby’s.

As far as I know, this couple stayed together, and she wrote the book as she was researching tips on how to not hate each other and how to re-connect after having kids. She went so far as to engage with an FBI agent to learn some of their tricks used when trying to de-escalate highly contentious hostage situations. The advice the agent offered was oddly fitting.

Think of this as a kind of “Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars,” type of book, but far funnier! If you are parents, whether you get along or not, this is a must-read! You will find yourself laughing out loud when you hear the same arguments playing out with this couple as you have experienced in your own household time and time again! I find myself listening to a couple of chapters when I feel frustration starting to build in my marriage. Within a few minutes, I am reminded that; (1) I am not alone, (2) 99% of the things my husband does is not done to piss me off intentionally, (3) I may not be the nicest person ALL the time either.

I am dying for Dunn to write another book! She is so fun to listen to!

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by: Jennifer Segura

Jennifer Segura with west coast family mediation center
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