Physical Struggles of Divorce

It is well-known that divorce is incredibly stressful. Many people think of the emotional implications and complications, but don’t realize that divorce can take a very real physical toll on your body. It is important that you practice mindful self-care during your divorce to help mitigate these physical challenges that many people struggle with.

Hair Loss

One of the common side effects of stress is hair loss. You may notice that your hair is thinning overall or it may be isolated to a particular area. If things begin to calm down and you notice the hair loss does not improve or gets worse, you should contact your doctor. Hair loss can be the first sign of thyroid issues or other metabolic diseases.

Sudden Weight Loss or Gain

After the initial shock has worn off, it is common for people to lose their appetite, or eat more to cope with the intense feelings surrounding divorce. It is important that you catch these coping habits quickly before it becomes unhealthy. Instead of eating (or not eating) try to be mindful in choosing better methods of stress relief. Exercise or meditation are great options to provide a productive and healthy outlet.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Many people going through a divorce report a sudden increase in pain somewhere in their body. Most commonly, people experience it in their joints or muscles. Individuals prone to anxiety may feel chest pains or heaviness that will come and go. Jaw pain or clicking is also common during periods of intense stress. While pain, particularly chest pain, shouldn’t be dismissed lightly, it is one of the ways our bodies can tell us that we need to back off a bit and practice self-care. Try to schedule a massage to relax tense muscles and eat a low-inflammatory diet free of alcohol and processed sugar. This can help lower inflammation and help with joint and muscle discomfort. If you feel that you have a medical concern, you should always contact your doctor.

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