Really??? Businesses are financing other people’s divorce???

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I recently read an article — you can read it too: Taking Sides in a Divorce, Chasing Profit

And I have to say I don’t know how I feel about it. It is discussing the fact that there are boutique firms opening up to finance other people’s divorce. So, if you are the underdog in the battle, you can receive financing … to PROLONG the misery. I mean, I understand the rational, far too often the parent who has stayed home with the kids while the other party went out to make the family millions is the one poverty stricken in the end. Since that party does not control the finances, they have no access to money to finance their divorce – I mean it makes sense of course…but I guess where I have a problem with the concept is that rather than financing divorces to continue to make the divorce attorneys rich and the parties they represent poor (and the children into long-term psych patients), can’t we all agree there is a better way?????

Of course I am biased because I do not believe ANY divorce should go through the court system, it is ridiculous, and I do understand that there are some divorces that involve SO much money it is necessary to obtain serious protecting – which is fine. Consult, collaborate, there are many ways to achieve the same results without achieving the same costly bill in the end.

Think about it America – why can’t we be the country who shows the world that there is a better way and we are proud to show that we are all adult enough to handle it – to say good-bye in a dignified and meaningful way – to protect our children from the psych evaluations of their parents – be man (or woman) enough to face each other when we leave, not hide behind the black robe. It is far more difficult to screw over the other side when you have to look in their eyes and say or do the evil you want to do. Just think about it…should we really pursue entering a new era where divorces will be financed to keep them going on LONGER than they already do, or should we begin to show our maturity and respect for each other, especially after years of marriage and parenting children together, and remain amicable and walk away with our dignity???

by: Jennifer Segura

Jennifer Segura with west coast family mediation center
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