A Reminder to Single Moms on Mother’s Day

It isn’t a big secret that being a mother is hard. However, single mothers have it particularly tough. We want to take a minute to remind single moms everywhere of something paramount.

You are doing an amazing job.

It may not feel that way a lot of the time. You will doubt yourself. You will compare yourself. There are days when you don’t know how you will make it through, but you do. There are days where your children get way too much screen time so that you can catch up on things around the house. There are days when you can’t be present because you are just having a tough time. That is ok. You are not alone.

We all try to put our best on display, and you may be sitting there feeling guilty about one thing or another. But let me just tell you, you are a superhero. I guarantee your children view you this way, along with many other people in your life. Despite your life circumstances, you continue to put your children first. You do what is best for them, all while making sure the bills get paid, and there is food on the table.

So on Mother’s Day this year, take a big, deep breath and take a moment to appreciate your mom-ness, truly. Lean on others if you need, and embrace the village of support that you have around you. If you don’t have a village, reach out and find one. As a single mom, they are the lifeline.

Single moms tend to always put others before themselves. Make a list of things you would want for yourself in the next week, month, year. Making those things happen is your mother’s day gift to yourself.

From all of us here at West Coast Family Mediation Center, we hope all the moms out there have a fantastic Mother’s Day.

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