San Diego Divorce Mediation and Managing your Time

San Diego divorce mediation
San Diego divorce mediation

If you have chosen to move forward with divorce mediation and have become our client, there are a few different components that will involve scheduling or overall time usage. We are going to explore a few ways to manage the included time with your chosen package, and how to avoid adding additional costs to the process. Though I will try to be thorough, I may not get to address all your questions, please remember that we are always here to help answer any questions you have on the process as we move forward. Firstly, each package includes a 1-hour personal planning session – we call it a “PPS” – for each party, plus any varying amounts of joint session time based on the package of your choice. Now let’s take a closer look at how to help maximize your time!  

How Much Time Comes with Each San Diego Divorce Mediation Package? 

We offer 3 different flat fee package options, which all vary in overall mediation time included. Most clients tend to fall under our Standard Mediation package which will include a total of 8 hours of joint sessions. Now you and your spouse may not need that much time if you have already discussed and planned things out how you wish them to be or have positive active communication; for you maybe our Basic Mediation package, which includes 4 hours of joint sessions will work. Alternatively, you may have several assets, and/or there is more that will need to be mediated, in this case, our Premium package, which will include 12 hours of joint sessions, maybe a better fit. When it comes to San Diego divorce mediation, there is always an option to add more time, and if that need arises, please reach out to your mediator or our office to coordinate that time. I always say the key driver to costs will be how much time it will take to work through the process and work at a pace that is comfortable for both parties. 

How Does Administrative Time Work? 

Both Ahsha and I are always happy to help and are here to be of support throughout the process. I directly handle all your scheduling needs, as well as most filings, and can help ensure any topics you would like to discuss in your next meeting are communicated to your mediator. Ahsha will handle the financial disclosures process on your case and will be your point person for needs related to that portion of the process. We understand that sometimes you may need to talk through something or have a question, this time is not billed in a typical way. All administrative time is accounted for in your flat fee, except where indicated in your Agreement to Mediate regarding your Preliminary Declarations of Disclosure. 

What is a way we can maximize our Joint Session Time? 

Depending on your case there may be different components that help us to make the most out of each meeting, and I will give a brief breakdown. One of the best examples I can give is to ensure the required financial information is completed well in advance of your first financial meeting. If only one party provides the necessary information and the other doesn’t, you may need to address more items in an additional session. This in a way circles back to administrative time. Feel free to leverage the tools in your toolbox that can help you get the most out of a session. If we have, in this example, both parties’ items the mediation manager will have time to upload the data into our software, as well as give your mediator time to review in advance of the meeting. This simple step can help you work through more items in a singular session as your mediator will have all the needed pieces to put the puzzle together so to speak.  

The biggest takeaway I hope you have is there are small things that can make a large impact on how time is used during San Diego divorce mediation. More so, there are people that are here to help and listen when you need us. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to us or your mediator. If you are considering California divorce mediation, please feel free to reach out to us through our website or give us a call at 858-736-2411.

by: Anthony Sneed

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