Top 3 Reasons Women Initiate Divorce

How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

While there are many reasons why couples decide to split, women are more likely to initiate the divorce process. In fact, in a recent survey of nearly 2,262 heterosexual couples, women initiated divorce 69% of the time. Women were also reported to have more overall dissatisfaction in their marriages than men. There seems to be a few key reasons why women seem to be the first to say the “d” word.

  1. More Responsibility, More Stress: While traditional marriage roles have dramatically changed in the last half-century, there is still a lingering expectation for women to handle the majority of domestic duties. Whether that feeling comes from their partner, or within themselves, that added stress of trying to do live up to an unrealistic image of the “woman who does it all” can put pressure on any relationship.
  2. Modern Women Can Be Picky: With the majority of women having full time jobs, there is no need to put up with a husband who doesn’t make you happy. Back in the day, women were often stuck in marriages because they lacked the education and skills to be self-sufficient. As an added deterrent, divorce was looked upon with social distain. They had no choice but to grin and bear a miserable marriage. Thanks to societal progress, women are fully able to take care of themselves and make decisions about their marriage without being financially or socially ostracized.
  3. Men Are Less Likely to Identify Relationship Issues: In a study conducted by the University of Waterloo, men were less likely to see certain behaviors as being offensive and therefore less likely to apologize. Women were reported as identifying offensive behaviors and then apologizing more often; while Men were reported as being less able to understand or identify offensive behaviors in relationships. Men are also are less likely to report feeling offended. Most men reported that they did not want to report feeling victimized as it would result in them being seen as weak. This difference in behavior leaves women feeling disrespected and men feeling frustrated. Without proper communication, this alone can cause relationship issues within a marriage.

Divorce Mediation

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by: Jennifer Segura

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