Can You Get a Divorce Online?

can you get a divorce online

Due to COVID19, you may see a lot of advertisements that boast online divorce services. They may be a bit misleading. While you definitely can complete all of the divorce paperwork digitally, it isn’t like submitting an online application or ordering food online. It is a much more complex process. Can you get a divorce online? Absolutely! Here is how.

How to Get a Divorce Online

Online divorce mediation is a great way to complete the entire process from start to finish. Your mediator will act as a navigator, helping you and your spouse go through all the paperwork and information you will need to complete your divorce properly. There are ways to access the court paperwork online through the court’s website, but filling it out properly is crucial. Failure to put in the correct information can result in your Petition being rejected, and you lose out on valuable time. Not to mention, it gets extremely frustrating.

Can You Get a Divorce Online? Yes.

The process of getting a divorce online may look different than you imagined. The first step would be an initial consultation with one of our San Diego or Orange County mediators. We conduct these mediations online via Zoom. You can complete the consultation on your own, or the other party can participate as well. This will be an initial meeting to see if mediation is a good fit and explain the process as it pertains to your case.

Then you will participate in several two-hour mediation sessions to go over all the information needed to complete your financial disclosures and create your marital settlement agreement. We will go through all your marital finances, your children’s schedules, your ideal schedules, practical considerations, and much more. The complexity of your case will dictate how many sessions you will need. Most people need between three to four mediation sessions, some will need less or more.

At the end of the process, you will be presented with a 25-45 page document known as the marital settlement agreement (MSA). You will thoroughly review the agreement, some opt for getting it reviewed by legal counsel. You will sign the MSA, often with a notary, and then we will submit it to the court along with your final paperwork. After it is submitted to the court, the judge will review it, stamp it, file it, and send back two copies for your records.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to begin the online divorce mediation process, contact West Coast Family Mediation Center to schedule your initial consultation.

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