Starting Mediation With Us: What to Expect

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We know the divorce process can be very overwhelming and we want to provide as much information as we can to help alleviate any anxiety around this process. We hope you will someday look back at this time in your life and at the very least, remember that you felt informed and in control. There will always be emotions involved in this process, but we will do our best to lessen any anxiety you may feel regarding the process itself. Keep this somewhere you will remember you have it and look back at it from time to time when you are feeling lost in the process. If you still are unsure where you are within the timeline below, always feel free to contact us. Interested in starting mediation? Read the steps below to give you more guidance on what to expect.

First Contact

We typically have our first contact with a client such as yourself through a call to our office, a contact form filled out on our website or a direct email. In most cases, you will be greeted by our Mediation Coordinator or our Director of Mediation. One of them will assist in getting you scheduled for a free consultation with one of our mediators.

Should you choose to work with West Coast Family Mediation Center, both our Mediation Coordinator and our Director of Mediation Services are always here to assist you along the way. They are available to answer questions about the process, schedule a time for you to speak with your mediator, help you determine where you are in the process, as well as helping to answer questions about your paperwork and the status with the court. Feel free to reach out to them if you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed throughout the process.

Mediation Consultation

At West Coast Family Mediation Center, more than anything else, we believe in providing information. Even if you do not ultimately work with us, we are still happy to help you determine what is your best path. We use our free consultation to go over a number of things including:

  • describe how our process works
  • explain how our process is different from other firms you may speak with
  • how mediation differs from other options available
  • costs for our services
  • to learn about your situation as each couple is unique
  • to answer any questions you have that will help you determine the best path forward.

We do not pressure you into moving forward during our consultation. Our overall belief is that clients will follow the path that fits their situation best and we understand that it may or may not be us. When you are ready to move forward and you wish to move forward with us; whether it is a day, a week, a month, or a year after your consultation, you can expect the following steps to take place.

Starting Mediation

Once you confirm you are ready to proceed, you will receive our Agreement to Mediate and Credit Card Authorization Form to complete. Once you have both signed, we will receive notice that the agreements are completed. This will open your file and formally begin the mediation process with us.

If you are interested in starting mediation with us, contact West Coast Family Mediation Center today to schedule your FREE consultation.

by: Jennifer Segura

Jennifer Segura with west coast family mediation center
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