Divorce Transition Coaching

Divorce Transition Coaching: Katy Goshtasbi

Divorce, like any other change you face in your life, can feel not only sad but also scary as you navigate through the unknown waters of life.

I’ve been down this very same road myself.  I know how it feels to be so unsure, unclear and not ready for the changes that divorce brings.  The transitions felt daunting and invasive.

Besides divorce, I’ve been through countless changes:  immigrating to the US as refugees with my family when I was six years old, learning to speak English, leaving my successful career as a securities lawyer, overcoming breast cancer, navigating the death of both my parents at a younger age.

I got through it and so can you.  I started this second career 14 years ago because I realized that change can be terrifying.  I also realized that I have a gift for guiding my clients through their journey to the next amazing chapter in their lives with a shiny, authentic brand.  The result is that you navigate the mediation process with more ease and less stress.  You co-parent after divorce easier.  You communicate about your divorce with clarity and confidence to your friends and family.  You move on with your life and create your future.

How?  You just need tools to learn how to exit this process gracefully and make a smooth transition to your post-divorce life with an intentional, individualized plan to let your brand shine.  Your plan is not the same as someone else’s.  It shouldn’t be.  Because you are you. You are important.

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