For those of you out there that are co-parenting after a divorce, I have a thought.  As most people know, your children will always long for their mom and dad to get back together, it is a natural desire for children of divorce.  While in most cases this does not happen, imagine how your children would feel if they had the opportunity to see their parents getting along, having a cup of coffee, and enjoying a little moment of family time as a real family unit.  What am I getting at…

So, let’s say you and your ex meet once a week to exchange the children, what if once a month, one of those meetings were at a coffee shop and all of you sat down, had a drink, and just had a half hour or so of some family time.  You guys can discuss the kids school, recent events, their friends, anything, obviously, keep the conversation light.  Do not discuss anything that will spark a fight, the kids DON’T need that.  If you think it will inevitably end up in a fight, then pass on this one, but if you guys can get along, imagine the benefit your children would gain from this.  Just a thought…

by: Jennifer Segura

Jennifer Segura with west coast family mediation center
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