The Best Time for a Divorce

Scheduling a divorce can be difficult, particularly if you have children. Deciding when to start the process can weigh heavy on your mind. Many clients ask us, “When is the best time is to file a divorce?” and the answer is surprisingly simple. The best time for a divorce is when you feel ready. As cliché as that sounds, that is the only time for a divorce. However, if you are looking for some guidance in determining the optimal time, the mediators at West Coast Family Mediation Center are happy to give our advice.

 Stay Away From Important Dates

Don’t file your divorce on a particular date that holds a lot of personal meaning. For example, don’t file your divorce on a birthday, holiday, or an anniversary. Otherwise, you will always associate that day with your divorce. It is best to choose an arbitrary date that holds no sentimental value.

Keep the Kids Busy

File your divorce during a time when your children are busy and distracted. Otherwise, it is easy to remain fixated on the negatives. Keeping a normal routine with school and extracurricular activities can help them adapt to a new visitation and custody schedule.

Work Together

If you are working towards a low-conflict split, file your divorce together. Don’t surprise the other party suddenly with filed paperwork. Mediation is a great way to go through the dissolution process together and have equal input on your settlement agreement.

Have Divorce Confidence

You have to feel confident in your decision to file for divorce. First seeking marital counseling and talking at length with your spouse is crucial prior to considering divorce. Knowing that you did everything you could before seeking dissolution will make you feel much more at ease about your decision.

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