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Most people don’t realize how truly expensive a divorce can be until you are faced with the large financial challenges it can bring. Mediation is a fantastic (and affordable) choice to complete your dissolution. In the UK, a new app attempts to make divorce easy and affordable for couples that have a straightforward split. The app called “Amicable” may prove to be an easy and fast solution for couples in the UK, but could this work in the United States? West Coast Family Mediation Center takes a look at what Amicable offers and wants to inform our clients of its possible benefits and pitfalls.

What Does Amicable Provide?

According to the official website, the app can help couples prepare for the separation process, set goals for dissolution, and communicate to reach an agreement. According to a piece by The Guardian, the co-founder of Amicable, Kate Daly shared a bit more information. The app gives couples legal information, emotional support, and resources to the point where they can apply to the court to be separated. This involves disclosing assets, co-parenting agreements, and more.

Could This Work Here in the U.S.?

The divorce process is notoriously more complex than most anywhere in the western world. We are known for our lengthy and costly divorces. Divorces play out like a court-staged drama, which is often the subject of T.V. and movies. An app like Amicable would be helpful to spreading information on how to clearly communicate between parties as well as a great legal learning tool. Unfortunately, with how complicated the divorce process can be in many states, it is not likely this would work here to help couples complete the entire process by themselves. If you are interested in a low-conflict divorce that won’t break the bank, mediation is still your best bet.

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