Why August Is the Best Month to Begin a Divorce

Not that there is ever a good time to start the stressful process of divorce, but August is by far one of the best months to begin. There are several reasons why many people prefer the fall to initiate divorce proceedings, and the mediators at West Coast Family Mediation Center would like to share a few. If you are ready to start your divorce, contact us today at (858) 736-2411.

Fall Routines

One of the biggest reason people file for divorce in August is due to the children’s schedules. Once school is back in session, a regular routine is put into motion that helps kids adjust and cope with a divorce. This is also helpful for parents who need to meet with a mediator during school hours to get the necessary paperwork completed. With the routine and distraction of school, children tend to handle the news of a divorce much better.

Time Before the Holidays

The hardest part of going through a divorce is that first holiday apart from your ex-spouse. In August you have a few months to figure out a holiday plan for your family and process the loss of your marriage before you are bombarded with imagery of happy families and joyous get-togethers.

Timing for Taxes

In California, if you file for divorce, you are required to have a six-month cooling off period before the dissolution is final. This works nicely with end-of-year taxes, so you can still file jointly together as married if you wish. However, if you want to file separately, that may be an option as well. Talk with our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, and we can help you determine your options and the financial implications of each.

If you would like to begin your divorce this August, contact SDFMC today. Call (858) 736-2411 to schedule your initial consultation today!

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