A Holistic Approach to San Diego Divorce Mediation

San Diego Divorce Mediation
San Diego Divorce Mediation

People often ask us questions about our professions in San Diego divorce mediation. They wonder how we do our jobs, and how it must be difficult to listen to what they consider “emotional turmoil” day in and day out. However, when you are truly living your calling in life, it just doesn’t affect us the way it might affect someone who is not living their passion. 

My Take on San Diego Divorce Mediation

I do not think of my job as listening to people’s problems. When I think about what I get to do every day, I think of it as problem-solving for couples who are too deep inside the chaos to see clearly. I would imagine that many of my clients could easily help their friends or family through a divorce (especially after they have gone through one themselves, as I have), whereas, they have no idea how to help themselves. It is like anything in life, if it is affecting you personally, it is impossible to see anything through an objective lens.  

Healing Through San Diego Divorce Mediation

I know my job is to help couples dissolve their relationships and come to amicable terms to raise their children, etc., but I also feel it is important to help them begin their healing journey. When I meet my clients, I try to spend some time talking with them about how things may look in the future, how this is only a moment in time, and they will get better, feel better and be better in the future. 

I try to help them see the silver lining in their situation. It is so easy to feel hopeless when you begin a process like a divorce. Therefore, it is so important to not only find a reputable place that can and will get you through the process efficiently and effectively but also to find a place that fits your personality. You should feel comforted and safe in this process. If you dislike the person helping you, it will make the process so much more difficult.  

What My Profession Means to Me

I have met so many wonderful people in my community by doing San Diego divorce mediation for over 15 years. I’m grateful they chose to share such a hard and dark time in their lives with me. I have had very strong, powerful men and women break down in my office and immediately try to compose themselves. Please know, we do not expect you to be composed. 

It is okay to break down. We are here for you, if you need to stay back when your spouse walks out the door at the end of a session because you do not want him or her to see you break down, please, stay. Do what you need to do so you can walk out feeling better, not worse. We see our job as more than helping to get you through the legal process of divorce. We are your bridge. 

So, if you start to feel like you really could use a therapist, please tell us. We will help you find one. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the financials, let us know, and we will refer you to some of the best financial experts in town. If you feel a need for a night of meditation and Qi-gong, join us for one of our monthly workshops. We hope to not only get you through this process as best as possible but also, to get you to a better place emotionally. Contact San Diego Family Mediation Center today for a free consultation.

by: Jennifer Segura

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